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3 Current Trends In Web Design

3 Current Trends In Web Design

Keeping up with trends is definitely what you should pay attention to if you are dedicated to becoming the best at web design. You have to have in mind that the market is constantly changing, that clients are constantly thinking of new demands, and if you want to be successful at what you do you have to learn how to use these things to your advantage. The first step to becoming a successful web designer is learning more about the current trends. Not only that this will help you keep up with the competition, but it could also be your breakthrough when it comes to finding work, keeping clients or acquiring new clients. Here are just some of the current trends that are commonly used in web design, and that you should definitely be familiar with.slideshows-in-web-design

1. Slideshows If you want to keep up with the competition make sure that you include full screen slideshows in your website designs, as they are very much popular at the moment. Slideshows even resemble a movie and their constant replacement gives you a sort of cinematic feel while going through the website. It’s almost like going through the pages for book, it works very well on all sorts of different gadgets, as well as screens no matter what their size is. In addition to that, slideshows also make homepage feel accessible and user-friendly. Among other current trends, you can also find the inclination to make galleries and media shows prominent, so that the visual is put forward, while the text and buttons are minimal to non-existent. The minimalistic approach is currently in high demand when it comes to web design.

2. Organic Flow
It is important to keep your designs simple and easy to use, but it’s also important to make them user-friendly and imagesgive them a casual feel. If you minimalize the content, and focus on the visual, you are choosing to accentuate visual content and experience, rather than anything else. In such approach, it’s also important to create an organic flow which will help you arrange large photos in slideshows. This organic flow is what distinguishes great web designers from mediocre web designers. In addition to that, it also shows your creativity as a web designer. It shows that you don’t conform to strict rules, but rather create your own little distinct world. In order to be successful at it this, make sure that you create that world and make it the natural and as easy-going as possible. This is precisely why you should try to recreate the organic flow in your websites.
3. Ghostly Appearance
As it has been previously mentioned, the current trends usually focus onand emphasizing seeing experience, and more importantly, Webdesign, Layout, Websiteemphasizing visual experience which should be natural and have an organic flow and an organic feel to it. Furthermore, this also implies that the rest of the content will be minimalized, in order to conform to the cinematic approach that you have choose to use. This also means that if you want to follow the current trends you will start creating ghost buttons – buttons which are not really there, as well as using the clean and minimal design. You don’t want to damage the scene you have set with any sort of unnatural buttons or design. You want to try to keep your design as natural, as simple, as clean and minimal, and as cinematic, so that you are able to tell your story in pictures and really focus on the experience rather than clicking on tabs and buttons and whatnot. These are things of the past, and if you want to keep up with the current trends you should give a ghostly appearance to your website.

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